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About Us

Wheels42.com, Is an Autoportal with one end Solution to all Automobile needs. We as a team help our audience to make the right decision while purchasing their 4 Wheelers and 2 wheelers. We are a team of high skilled Developers, highly experienced Editors, Auto-Enthusiasts and Auto geeks. Wheels42's team is heartily dedicated and keep their eagle eyes on Auto-mobile World to keep their users updated. Let’s know our Authors & the dedicated team behind development - 

Authors on Wheels42 – 

1) Mr. Hardeep - I am a 31 year old Auto Enthusiast and love cars and bikes a lot. My First car is a Maruti Swift and My First Bike is a Pulsar 150 CC. I love to read more about new technology in the auto sector, green Energy and how we can make this auto industry eco-friendly.

2) Ms. Monika Sharma - I Ride my First Activa at the age of 22 and driving cool cars is my all time favourite hobby. Reading books in the same industry keeps me updated and this way I help to write and add quality content in Wheels42.

3) Mr. Ramesh Reddy - My Father Drive BMW for someone else and we got the first ride of that in our childhood. Now as I grow up, it’s my fantasy to drive Luxury Cars and to write about luxury cars. To keep the passion alive I write for luxury cars and bikes. This keeps me connected with my passion. Wheels42 is a medium for me to connect to my interests while doing a Job.

4) Vidya Latha - I am a 28 year Old who was in the article writing field for more than 8 years which made me develop keen interest in different areas. Automobile technology is one among them. I am curious and passionate to learn about new technologies. I love to ride two wheelers. Interested to know about new trends in the automobile field, which helps me to deliver clear and clarified information. Wheels42 helps me to move a step forward towards my passion.

Development Team behind Wheels42 – 

Can add image of Personalities before Name -

1) Mr. Maulik - I am into development just after my MCA. I love to talk with the Machines so I choose Development. While working on Wheels42 - I try my best to help users to get the write and up to date information is the best and easiest way.

2)  Mr. Kurnal - I am a web designer by Profession and love to convert imagination into the digital world. We take care to provide the best and comfortable looks for our Auto Portal - Wheels42.

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