Privacy Policy highly respects its user’s privacy and is dedicated towards protecting their personal Information. By doing best practices for protecting user’s information we also comply with all applicable laws.

Our privacy policy administers the user’s access to the website, collection of data, storage, handling and usage of personal information while using the website. It also makes available the choice for you to decide the usage of your information. Thus this privacy policy guides you in making informed decisions in concern of your private information at the time of using this website. You are requested to read privacy policy thoroughly -

Let’s have a look at what user’s personal information we collect and how to use it?

a. User provided Information -

We collect and store information when you agree & accept the terms of use of our website, drop a mail, text & chat with us, subscribe our newsletter, participate in any survey or event and social networking activities (if you signed up via a social networking platform).

We collect and store this information for making the user experience better with time, to improve the website, to reach you for the latest updates, respond to your query, fulfilment of your requests, share specific advertisements etc.

b. Other Information

In addition to above information we may also collect some other information including device details (device ID and Model information, operating system, browser type etc), IP address, enabled geographical information, date and time, data provider and so on. The purpose behind the collection of such sensitive information is to protect our website, business research and detailed analytics.

c. Cookies –

Cookies play an important role in priorities, preferences and to improve user experience. Basically cookies are such small files which react after accepting cookies at your end and transferred to your hard drive purposefully. So, these files enable us to remember your device, browser and help to understand and set the preferences based on your last activities on our website.

Advertisements & Endorsement

You may receive our marketing and promotional advertisements related to our new products or services. Collected information during the promotional advertisement may be shared (partially or completely) publically, to show the user interest and poll.

Personal Information Preservation

Collected information of you shall not be retained for longer than a purpose. As a user you may also request us to delete your collected information.

Protection of your personal Information is our Priority

We do best practices to secure your personal information. We pay deep attention and have a strong interest in storing and handling your personal information including physically as well as electronically. We have multiple security walls to protect that information which is entered by the user during multiple activities.

  • We use proper safety software and do website scans on a regular basis for any unknown vulnerabilities.  
  • Your personal Information is controlled only by higher authorities and who have special rights to access and control this website.
  • At this moment it is also important to know that although we have higher security safeguards after your personal information, no security system can protect highly potential cyber security attacks or security breaches.

Third parties involvement - 

Without any prior notice and acknowledgement we do not share and publish your personal information with third parties.

This statement does not include such parties which are closely connected with us in order to assist us, maintaining & operating websites and developing & conducting our business. Being our trusted parties they keep such information very secure and confidentially. You hereby agree and acknowledge to share information to such parties.

In case of requirement to comply with Law, protect ours as well others rights, property safety, government request, request against fraud investigation and such sensitive conditions we may release limited information.

Sites Linked with Us –

Our website may freely use links of other websites for different purposes and their privacy statements may differ from us. So when you access those websites via such links your personal information will be governed as per their privacy statements. So you are advised to read their privacy policies carefully before using a third party website.   

In the End….!!!

Wheels42 is interestingly committed to the safety & security of its users. We welcome you to reach us if you find any security vulnerability, it is highly appreciable. It is our responsibility to respond to you as soon as possible.