Tata Nexon, Punch becomes the highest-selling SUVs in FY24: Here’s why?

2024-07-01 11:42:03

Tata Motors, Mahindra, and Maruti Suzuki are trying hard to make the most SUVs in India and win the competition.

Tata Motors used to sell the most SUVs in India, but now Maruti and Mahindra sell more. However, Tata Motors can be happy because their Nexon and Punch models are the two best-selling SUVs in India for the year 2023-24.

In the year 2023-24, Tata Nexon sold 171,697 cars and stayed as the most popular subcompact SUV for three years, even with strong competition. The Punch sold 170,076 cars in the same period, coming in a close second.

Recently, Nexon sold over 700,000 cars in seven years since it started. At the same time, Punch became the best-selling car in March and April 2024, becoming the first SUV in India to do so. Let's look at three reasons why people are so interested in these small SUVs and why they will likely stay popular in the future.

Tata Punch

Tata Nexon, Punch: Diversified options

The main reason people buy these crossover models is because Tata Motors offers a wide range of choices. For instance, the Nexon comes in four main versions: Smart, Pure, Creative, and Fearless. There are also special Dark Edition versions available in Creative and Fearless. Altogether, Tata offers the Nexon in around 100 different versions, including options with petrol or diesel engines and manual or automatic transmissions.

Besides the regular petrol and diesel Nexon models, the all-electric Nexon EV doubles the choices available. Similarly, the petrol Punch comes in four main types: Pure, Adventure, Accomplished, and Creative, which are divided into 25 different versions altogether.


Tata Nexon, Punch: Priority on safety

Tata Motors is known in the Indian car industry for its strong focus on safety. The Nexon was one of the first cars in India to get a 5-star safety rating from Global NCAP in 2018. It improved on this with even better scores in 2022 using updated testing methods. Recently, the all-electric Nexon EV also got a perfect 5-star safety rating from Bharat NCAP.

The Punch received a 5-star rating from Global NCAP in 2022. Last month, the Punch EV also achieved a perfect 5-star rating from Bharat NCAP, making it the safest electric vehicle in India. Safety is a big reason why many people consider these cars for their families.

Tata Nexon EV BNCAP

Tata Nexon, Punch: Multiple powertrain options

As mentioned earlier, Tata Motors offers a variety of engine and transmission options for both the Nexon and Punch. The Nexon has choices between petrol and diesel engines and offers four types of transmissions: a 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, 6-speed AMT (automatic), and a new 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT).

The Punch has only one type of petrol engine. You can choose between a 5-speed manual transmission or a 5-speed AMT. It also comes in CNG versions, which makes it more appealing to buyers. The Nexon will soon offer CNG models too. Both SUVs also have electric versions, which are popular with people who care about the environment and want to use green technology.

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