Tata Motors is all set to launch over 140 new CV products in FY25

2024-05-14 08:29:50

During a post-earnings analyst call, Girish Wagh, Executive Director stated that Tata Motors Ltd., India's largest commercial vehicle (CV) maker is planning for a major product introduction in the coming fiscal year. They are aiming to launch over 140 new products and 700 variants, which is such a massive aim.

"Every year, we launch more than 140 new products and over 700 variants, and we will continue to maintain the same momentum," Wagh said.

The company's emphasis on CVs reproduces the segment's critical role in its business strategy. Tata Motors, headquartered in Mumbai, pursues to exploit the predicted growth in the Indian CV market which is driven by rising infrastructure spending and a revitalization in key sectors like construction, mining, and logistics.

It is noted that the Domestic CV wholesale volumes increased 14% quarter-on-quarter in Q4 FY24 but declined 7% year-on-year in Q4 and 4% for the full fiscal year. Also, CV market share improved sequentially, with small commercial vehicle and pick-up truck segments showing initial signs of recovery.

The company has also noted that the non-vehicle revenue grew 13% year-on-year in Q4 FY24 and 17% for the full year. The TATA Motors management remains focused on refining price realization and increasing retail market share through its mind-blowing product portfolio

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