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Things to Consider While Buying Old Car

People can buy a used car or pre-owned car from an individual seller, a broker, or a company. The demand for used cars is growing in India and there are so many options to buy. There are many faults and defects that are hard to come across at a glance. Have a look at things to consider while buying an old car.

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Points to Consider While purchasing used Car



Where to Buy Old Car

People can get the car from service providers, individual sellers, dealerships, and virtual resources. People can take advantage of the pre-outlets of any car manufacturer. It is important to decide on your budget and there is a big chance of being shaken by the salesperson after you get to the dealership. Consider all the potential costs including insurance.

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Verify Car Condition

If you have good knowledge about the technical aspects of a car, you can examine the vehicle yourself, otherwise help from a trusted mechanic and tell about the exterior, engine, and other parts with a price.

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Interior and Exterior

Verify whether any tear of front and back seats. Verify the sound system, monitor, etc, and try using it. Have a look at the vehicle from all sides. Close inspection can reveal rusting and paint damage.

Framing and Tyres

Verify if the car is placed evenly and confirm that there is nothing loose near the undercarriage. The condition of the tires can be good or bad depending upon the usage.

Engine and Mileage

The people can check for leaks, corrosion, and cracked tubes and look at the oil and transmission fluid using a dipstick. Discuss the mileage with the seller in detail.

Maintenance Records

Some car owners maintain the servicing records and some owners do not maintain records. The people can verify the receipts filed and date what they are noted. 

Selecting Right Car

The people can verify the features, specifications and the kind of car you want to buy. The price of new cars will be down after three years of purchase and do not purchase cars that have been discontinued.

Verify Registration Certificate

The people can check the vehicle registration certificate. The certificate must be original and if it is a duplicate then be marked as DRC. If you want to move to another state, the car needs to be registered with that State Transport Office (RTO). The name must appear on the vehicle registration certificate after purchase.

Car Insurance

If the people want to buy an old car then the old car insurance needs to be transferred to the new owner’s name. Insurance coverage must verify whether it is extended. The insurance policy must be a Third party liability policy or a Comprehensive. This bonus can provide you a discount while renewing your car comprehensive insurance policy.

Insurance Policy do not have for the Previous Owner

Once the RC is transferred to his name after the purchase, it is mandatory to apply for a new car insurance policy. It is the best option to buy a new insurance policy in your own name. It helps to buy the car policy from the company of your choice at a price you are comfortable with and start your journey. From the insurance company a new insurance policy will be issued and Cover fox helps you speed the process.

Transfer of Ownership      

People should submit Form 29 and Form 30 issued by the RTO in the jurisdiction. The form must be signed by you and the previous owner. RTO initiates the transfer after the submission of the form. The people can receive a receipt within 15-18 days. The name changed to RC copy by the 45th day. 

  • Once the RC is transferred, get the second-hand car insurance policy transferred in your name.
  • Verify Form 32 and 35 to ensure that there are no pre-existing pending loans on the second-hand car you are buying. 
  • Bi-fuel certification if the car is CNG/LPG fitted.
  • Valid Pollution under Control (PUC) certificate.
  • The ownership has to be transferred legally and on paper to prevent tissues if the car is sold again in the future. 

Test Drive

People can test drive the old car before buying an old car. When we are driving, we need to verify clutch firmness and gears. The people must observe vibrations, engine noise, any clank, suspension and braking performance, etc. Electronic components like AC, heater, power windows, music system, sunroof, etc.

Vehicle History Report

It provides details about not only the ownership history but also accident history. It is important to verify the vehicle history report before signing. Most branded company car dealers provide vehicle history reports.

Duplicate Car Keys

The people who buy an old car should take the second set of keys. If there is no duplicate key feel free to negotiate the car price.

Documents Needed

  • Original Purchase Invoice
  • Insurance
  • Road Tax Receipt
  • PUC Certificate
  • NOC Certificate
  • Registration Certificate
  • Other Documents

If you like the car and want to purchase the car make sure to complete all the important paperwork like the sales affidavit, copy of seller’s identification proof, etc.


A little bit of bargaining is necessary to get the deal for what you want to purchase a car. People can debate by visiting a pre-owned outlet of any car maker. It has so many advantages like original manufacturer warranty and certification. People keep all these rules in mind, be patient, and be practical. Make sure to drive a hard bargain and get which car you want to purchase.

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