Which Car Is Better - Petrol Vs. Diesel | How to decide?

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Which Car Is Better: Petrol or Diesel

When purchasing a vehicle comparison of petrol and diesel cars is essential. It is based on the requirement of both advantages and disadvantages. If people want to travel shorter distances within a city you may opt for a petrol-powered vehicle. The price of diesel and its fuel efficiency has given buyers a reason to opt for it whereas long distance. This is one of the biggest confusions for everyone when buying a car. We will discuss important factors regarding Which Car Is Better - Petrol Vs. Diesel and How to decide that which one to buy.



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Things to Consider Buying a New Car

There are several factors to differentiate between petrol or diesel cars

  • Mileage 
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Price
  • Engine
  • Refinement

Petrol Car Vs Diesel Car


Diesel Cars

Petrol Cars

Purchasing Cost

Start from 4-5 Lakhs

Starts from 2-3 Lakhs

Maintaining Cost

Spare Parts High

Spare Parts Low

Fuel Cost




24 km per litre

20 km per litre

Running Cost

Rs. 9 per km

Rs. 4 per km


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About Petrol Car in India 

A Petrol engine utilizes spark plugs to the mixture of air and fuel. The petrol-powered cars share both pros and cons are listed below.

Pros of Petrol Cars

  • The petrol vehicles are cheaper when compared to diesel cars.
  • The sound released from petrol engines is minimal.
  • The maintenance cost of petrol cars is usually lower.
  • Petrol vehicles give effective performance in driving in extreme weather conditions.
  • Petrol cars are more expensive than diesel cars.

Cons of Petrol Cars

  • Heavy vehicles are not suitable to operate on petrol.
  • These provide lower fuel efficiency.
  • Petrol-powered cars depreciate faster.
  • These four Wheelers do not attract substantial prices in the market.

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About Diesel Cars in India 

The main difference is the operation of diesel engines based on compressed air. It collects the air, compresses it, and the fuel into the heavily compressed air. It provides optimum fuel efficiency of nearly 14 to 25 times its original volume.

Pros of Diesel Cars 

  • Diesel engines give more fuel efficiency and release less CO2 into the air.
  • The pulling power of diesel engines is more than petrol engines and is suitable for heavy vehicles to carry the bulk of goods.
  • Diesel cars give an excellent driving experience at higher altitudes as there is no specific need to maintain the air-fuel.
  • Diesel engines are more robust to bear heavily compressed air and are durable in the long run.

Cons of Diesel Cars 

  • Diesel cars are more expensive than petrol cars.
  • The maintenance of diesel cars is expensive compared to petrol cars.
  • The diesel engine generates less power than petrol cars and it is difficult to start the engine in cold weather conditions.
  • The diesel has a high level of Noise, Level, and Harshness.

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  • Mahindra Thar 
  • Mahindra XUV 700
  • Tata Punch
  • Toyota Fortuner
  • Land Rover Range Rover

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Best Diesel Cars in India 

  • Mahindra Scorpio
  • Hyundai Creta
  • Kia Seltos
  • Tata Nexon
  • Hyundai Venue

Some of the factors that help you make a decision for buying a car

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Travel and Frequency 

If people want to travel long distances regularly then select diesel cars. If people travel fewer distances then prefer petrol cars.


The maintenance of a diesel car is higher than a petrol car. The service of both cars is the same but the components of diesel cars cost more than petrol car components. 


If we buy a car, a diesel car is relatively more expensive than a petrol car. The difference in cars ranges from fifty thousand to one lakh. The life of diesel cars lasts longer and their value is relatively slower than the petrol variants.


Diesel cars give better mileage when compared to petrol cars. Diesel engines do not require a spark plug. 

Car Insurance 

The insurance cost of the car is directly proportional to the value of the car. The range can differ from 10 to 15% and is generally higher for diesel cars. The premium is high if the car is stolen.


If you want to cover longer distances, select diesel cars that deliver higher mileage output. Before buying the car, verify this comparison between petrol and diesel cars mentioned above. It takes the correct decision regarding the next purchase of a car.

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