Fastag - How to Apply Online and Install on Vehicle

2022-08-24 05:03:09



A Fastag is an associate in the innovative electronic toll collection system and comes under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program. It is a prepaid and reversible card appendant as a sticker on your vehicle windshield. The Government has made Fastag mandatory for all private and commercial four wheeler vehicles. This article provides you with all the data associated with Fastag installation on vehicles.

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About Fastag Sticker


A Fastag could be a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to create toll payments directly whereas the vehicle is in motion. The sticker is connected to your postpaid digital pocketbook from which you digitally pay the toll charges whenever you cross a toll booth. It is subtracted from the connected account of the client.

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How to Apply Fastag Online?

  • Purchase the Fastag from the Point of Sale (POS) terminal or an internet Fastag retailer.
  • Download the MyFastag form from the app store on your mobile.
  • Click on the Activate NHAI Fastag possibility on the homepage.
  • Select the positioning where you bought the Fastag and enter the Fastag ID or scan the QR code to activate it.
  • Provide your vehicle information like vehicle type, identification number, etc.
  • Select the prepaid wallet facility or link the bank account to recharge and pay the toll charges.

In Offline Mode

  • Visit the Fastag-certified bank and fill out the application.
  • Submit KYC documents, passport sized photos, and Registration Certificate (RC).
  • It should be delivered to you within the login credentials for the portal and a tag sticker. 
  • The login credentials are used to recharge the Fastag account and zip through the toll booths.

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How to Install Fastag in a vehicle?

  • Ensure the glass surface is clean, dry, and mud free before attaching the sticker.
  • Open the Fastag
  • Find the centre of the windshield to position the Fastag on. It is kept within the middle of the windshield to produce easy reading at the toll plaza.
  • You can smoothly remove the sticker from the Fastag.
  • Now stick it on the windshield within the centre and straight.
  • Fastag is installed in your car and luxuriates in hassle-free toll payment on your travels. 
  • Recharging the Fastag is as per the wish of the owner.

How to get a duplicate FASTag sticker if it’s damaged/lost?

Unfortunately, if you lose or damage the FASTag sticker you can call a dedicated helpline number. You may also call the issuer bank and you will get a positive response quickly. 

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