Kia India introduces “Kia Krystal” For Innovative after sales service initiative

2024-05-11 19:56:55

“Kia Krystal” - Real-time video-based updates initiative

Now on the 'My Kia' application users have access of live real-time of vehicle administration as we as Real-time video-based updates of their Kia vehicles, here is the complete information.

Last Friday Kia launched “Kia Krystal”, an innovative digitized aftersales initiative. Being a transparent process now the customers can see the entire process of service of their car with the help of video consulting and live video streaming. Now customers can access entire information regarding explanations of work, costs, and real-time resolution to any query they have and all such processes can be done through their smartphone. This is how a KIA customer can be informed and updated regarding his car service by using 'My Kia' app.   

Customers can check the Service procedure -

The Live Consultation service is now available at 237 Kia dealerships nationwide, while 25 dealers are already live streaming the service procedure. Kia India aims to start the live streaming in another 60 dealerships by the end of 2024. The overall customer rating of both platforms has exceeded expectations.

On this day, already 25 dealers are using the live streaming service procedure and live Consultation service is available for customers at 237 Kia dealerships nationwide. By the end of 2024, the aim of the KIA Company is to start live streaming in the rest of the 60 dealerships. So if you are a KIA car user then check the access present at your location and enjoy this exclusive service by one of the best car brands in India.   

Great initiative in making strong bonds with customers -

Hardeep Singh Brar, National Head – of Sales and Marketing said “Our research indicates that most of our customers are opting for our Advance Pick and Drop Service or send their drivers for their vehicle service procedures” Due to this reason customers skip the chance to supervise the entire process of car service, hard efforts of workers etc. and all such leads to the stage of dissatisfaction. So to make our customers satisfied we have made the car servicing process totally transparent so keep the customer satisfied for the long run.   

Kater KIA will enhance and add some more powerful features to this app like handling welcome calls; new customer post-sales service reminders, ownership programs and much more. This is how KIA is verifying its commitments to innovation, and user satisfaction. this app is a way to create a tight bond between KIA and its customers.   

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