Birla Tyres, a prominent player in the Indian tire industry, stands as a testament to decades of tire manufacturing expertise and a commitment to quality. A division of the Aditya Birla Group, one of India's largest conglomerates, Birla Tyres has steadily earned a reputation for delivering reliable and cost-effective tire solutions. With a diverse range catering to various vehicles, including cars, trucks, and two-wheelers, Birla Tyres combines technological innovation with a focus on durability and safety. The brand's emphasis on sustainable practices and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes reflects a forward-thinking approach. Birla Tyres continues to be a trusted choice for millions of drivers, symbolizing a blend of affordability, performance, and the assurance of a smooth journey on India's diverse roads.

Birla Updates

    Birla Tires

    Tire Model Tire Size Price Range (per tire in INR)
    Birla Eco-Warrior 185/70R14 Rs.3,000 - Rs.3,500
    Birla RoadMax 195/65R15 Rs.2,800 - Rs.3,200
    Birla PowerMax 215/60R16 Rs.3,500 - Rs.4,000
    Birla TruckMaster 235/75R17.5 Rs.7,000 - Rs.7,500
    Birla ScooterSafe 90/100-10 Rs.1,200 - Rs.1,500