Michelin tires, a global giant in the tire industry, epitomize a legacy of innovation, quality, and commitment to sustainability. Founded in 1889, Michelin has been a driving force in shaping the modern tire landscape. Renowned for their cutting-edge technology, Michelin tires offer a harmonious blend of performance, safety, and longevity. The brand's dedication to research and development is evident in innovations like the radial tire, transforming the automotive industry. Michelin's commitment to sustainability is showcased through initiatives like the Michelin Green X Challenge, promoting fuel efficiency and eco-friendly practices. Trusted by drivers worldwide, Michelin tires cater to a diverse range of vehicles, from passenger cars to trucks and motorcycles. As a symbol of excellence, Michelin continues to lead the way in setting industry standards and providing drivers with a tire choice that transcends ordinary expectations.

Michelin Updates

  • 26-02-2024 - Tyre maker Michelin to shut factories in Germany
  • 24-02-2024 - Michelin antin and enviro jv to build end of life tyre recycling plant in Sweden
  • 10-02-2024 - SHADE Racing Selects Michelin Tyres For 2024 GT300 Campaign
  • 10-02-2024 - Michelin powers 2023/2024 Asian Le Mans Series as official tyre supplier in UAE

Michelin Tires

Tire Model Tire Size Price Range (per tire in INR)
Michelin Primacy 4 205/55R16 Rs.5,500 - Rs.7,000
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 225/45R17 Rs.7,000 - Rs.9,000
Michelin Latitude Tour HP 235/65R18 Rs.8,000 - Rs.10,500
Michelin Energy XM2+ 185/70R14 Rs.4,500 - Rs.6,000
Michelin LTX Force 265/70R16 Rs.9,000 - Rs.11,500