Yokohama tires stand as a testament to Japanese precision and innovation in the world of automotive technology. Renowned for their exceptional quality, Yokohama tires seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with a commitment to safety and performance. With a rich history dating back to 1917, Yokohama Rubber Company has consistently pushed the boundaries of tire manufacturing. The brand's extensive range caters to diverse vehicles, from high-performance cars to rugged off-road machines, ensuring a reliable and smooth driving experience across various terrains. Yokohama's dedication to sustainability is evident in their eco-friendly tire options, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to the environmental impact of the automotive industry. As a global leader, Yokohama continues to set industry standards, providing drivers with not just tires but a promise of durability, efficiency, and a driving experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Yokohama Updates

  • 23-02-2024 - Yokohama and Interpneu renew strategic partnership to increase the sales
  • 21-02-2024 - Yokohama Rubber Now Applying Its Proprietary "E+" Mark On Truck And Bus Tires
  • 10-02-2024 - Yokohama Rubber now applying its proprietary “E+” mark on truck and bus tires

 Yokohama Tires

Tire Model Tire Size Price Range (per tire in INR)
Yokohama AVID S34 205/55R16 Rs.4,000 - Rs.5,500
Yokohama Geolandar 265/70R17 Rs.7,000 - Rs.9,000
Yokohama ADVAN 225/45R18 Rs.9,000 - Rs.11,000
Yokohama BluEarth 195/60R15 Rs.3,500 - Rs.5,000
Yokohama iceGuard 215/60R16 Rs.6,000 - Rs.8,000