Vredestein tires, hailing from the Netherlands, are a testament to European craftsmanship and innovation in the tire industry. With roots dating back to 1909, Vredestein has consistently pursued excellence, offering a range of high-quality tires that blend performance, safety, and style. Renowned for their cutting-edge design and advanced tread technology, Vredestein tires cater to a diverse array of vehicles, from sleek sedans to rugged SUVs. The brand's commitment to delivering a superior driving experience is evident in their focus on optimal grip, handling, and durability. Vredestein's collaboration with renowned designers, such as Giugiaro, reflects their dedication to not only functionality but also aesthetics. As a global player, Vredestein continues to be a choice for those seeking a tire that seamlessly combines European elegance with top-notch performance on the road.

Vredestein Updates

  • 21-02-2024 - BMW X1 And 5 Series Models To Come Fitted With Vredestein Ultrac Summer Tyre
  • 10-02-2024 - BMW chooses Vredestein Ultrac for X2 & 5 Series

Vredestein Tires

Tire Model Tire Size Price Range (per tire in INR)
Vredestein Ultrac 205/60R16 Rs.4,000 - Rs.5,500
Vredestein Quatrac 225/55R17 Rs.5,500 - Rs.7,000
Vredestein Wintrac 195/65R15 Rs.3,500 - Rs.4,800
Vredestein Sportrac 215/50R18 Rs.6,000 - Rs.7,500
Vredestein Comtrac 235/65R16 Rs.7,000 - Rs.8,500